Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Enter Giveaways & Sweepstakes

Why Enter?

I find this question both difficult and simple to explain…

The pros of entering a sweepstakes include its simplicity, low (NO) cost, and the fun of the prizes. Some prizes are beauties I could never afford, i.e. Glamour Magazine’s 10-day Turk Islands vacation (which I did not win). Some prizes are one-of-a-kind or unavailable to the greater public, such as a meet-and-greet with a celebrity or a personal shopping experience. There is every kind of prize imaginable, from furniture to cash to beauty products to technology to food.

It all started back was I was in high school. I won a salon haircare package from Seventeen Magazine that I could never afford. This was one of the few sweepstakes I entered as I devotedly read and loved teen magazines. Now, later in my, I believe it’s possible to win great stuff and it’s pretty easy too. I spend a few hours each day online entering sweepstakes. It’s paid off! (See my winnings!)

My husband has called the thrill of sweeping the same as the thrill of gambling. He might be right. Each sweepstakes entry is a little thrill or high, giving me hope in great odds. :) Besides hoping for things I can’t afford, I have actually made friends and I’ve had a good time. Like I’ve mentioned, I have met a community of others interested in this same hobby. We chat about giveaways, sweeps, news, politics, and our families. The popularity of online winning communities has exploded recently.

One important thing to remember: I don’t enter expecting to win each and every contest I enter. I realize there are many sweeps and giveaways I’ll never get the thrilling email or mysterious envelope from. And I’m fine with that. It’s the hope, fun, and friends that keep me sweeping. You can’t enter them all, so pick the ones that really interest you and start entering! Good luck sweepers!

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mitch1066 said...

The biggest win i've had was a smartcar,that was sold to pay 2 years off the mortgage!I enter because its free to do so.I think the bigger question is why you wouldnt enter?Even hubby points out contests to me now.Ive won an xbox for my son and skin creams that sold on ebay to buy hubby a badly needed printer.I only enter things we'd like or need,its fun and my familly and friends get to enjoy it too.I once took 10 friends and family to a private screening of a movie that i'd won.

Donna said...

I love to enter too. I agree, why don't most people enter? I love the big prizes, but winning the little prizes are a thrill also. :)
I have won alot of things for Christmas presents.

whittenwins said...

Hi new friend! :) Just came across you on Klout today and am so happy to discover your blog as we have SO very much in common! I'm excited to 'meet' here in bloggyland and look forward to following! In response to this's my version from awhile back!

Jen Whitten

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