Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Easy Daysies Review & *Giveaway* - Ends Nov 22

Every so often a mom comes along with a brilliant idea, goes for it, and runs a fantastic company all while supporting her family. I applaud these women. I want to introduce you to one today...

Elaine-- an elementary school teacher and mom of three-- founded her company, Easy Daysies, with her children and students in mind. "Easy Daysies sole purpose is to help kids have easier days... resulting in kids feeling more successful, confident, and independent," she explains.
Easy Daysies are magnetic daily schedules that are perfect for kids 3-12. It is important for children to have a visual representation of routine. Elaine INVENTED this system so kids can learn routine, responsibility, priorities, and sight word recognition.
Easy Daysies™ in use!
There are 8 helpful kits. The kits come with magnets and some blank magnets & dry erase marker so you can fill in your own. Let me tell you about each of them...

Every Day Kit- includes 18 strong magnets! This is the starter kit and the other kits can be added on. See:

Chores and Rewards Kit- "Help Set Table" and "Clean Bedroom" are included. Use the blank magnets to write in your own. Six small boxes on the bottom can be checked off-- give your child a reward for completion!


Classroom Kit- Great for school or homeschool! Magnets include "Science" and other subjects, as well as blank magnets.

Extra Curricular Kit-
perfect for those things that don't happen everyday and can be confusing for youngsters to remember. Includes "Sports" and "Music" and other extras.

Get Dressed Routine Kit-
this one is probably my favorite!! :) Kids can check that they have done all the getting ready steps, like coat, socks, and comb hair.


Special Times & Clocks Kit-
Great for classroom or home use! Fill in the clocks-- both analog and digital-- of "TV time" or "Computer time", or write your own. Teaches kids to read the clock!

Family Activities Kit-
help your household to keep track of appointments and family fun time. Includes "Dentist" or "Movie Night", among others and blanks.

Potty/Washroom Routine Kit-
can be used to teach how to go potty or just reminding to "Wash Hands" and "Turn Off Lights"

Each kit comes with durable magnets. If you don't have a magnetic surface, no problem! You can use the Easy Daysies Magnetic Fold & Go Board. This is great for taking with you when you travel or for kids who spend time in different households as well.

MUST READS: Besides a GREAT and useful concept, there are two other things you need to know about Easy Daysies:

  • All magnets are made with 70% recycled material!!!!!
  • 5% of all sales go to helping children around the world through the International Justice Mission, a group I already support!!

My thoughts: As you can already tell, I love Easy Daysies! And easy days! :) Most of you know that I don't talk much on my blogs about my family because of privacy reasons- we help children in foster care or avoiding foster care. Many of the children I help take care of aren't used to regular schedules (I swear by them), so sometimes it can be a big adjustment. The Easy Daysies system is perfect for my household because all kids can run to the fridge and check it out. No more asking me or feeling anxious.

The Fold And Go boards are perfect for the kids I work with. I enjoy it when they can feel a sense of accomplishment because of task completion. I know it's adding to their responsibility and pride. I am reccomending the Easy Daysies magnets and boards to the parents I work with as well because structure is good for children. Thanks Easy Daysies!

BUY IT: The Easy Daysies start kit and add on kits are on sale now! Get between 15 and 25% off when you shop now. Note that there is a U.S. web store and a Canadian web store. These make GREAT holiday gifts. Remember that Elaine makes these on her kitchen table-- go support a great MOM business!

WIN IT! I know my readers love to win! It's so sweet of Elaine to offer ONE reader a kit of their choice!

Mandatory Entry:
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Giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada. Please follow directions. Giveaway ends at midnight on 11/22/09.


YouthfulTips said...

What a great idea! I like the Every Day as well as Chores & Rewards. All the products are wonderful! Glad to see innovative teachers helping parents! Thanks to the two of you!

YouthfulTips said...

I follow you :)

YouthfulTips said...

I follow easydaysies on Twitter

YouthfulTips said...

I'd write a new word each week to help her expand her vocabulary. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Plastic Pearls said...

I love the chores and rewards set. It's a great way to teach kids to work hard for rewards/goals. It really teaches life lessons.

Plastic Pearls said...

I also follow your blog.

jakiesmom said...

i like the restickables...i love thatthey have pictures of the items...would be so helpful with my young kid in putting clothes away!

jakiesmom said...

i would have a magnet saying TRAINS...we have so many and they never end up in their box!!!

jakiesmom said...

e-mail subscriber

jakiesmom said...

i entered pur flavor options

jan816 said...

I would love the chors & rewards set

Nikki said...

I love the "special times" set. It's hard to get my son to stop playing computer or watching tv and I love the visual aid for kids. It's great to help them understand that computer time can't be all the time.

paryjeja said...

I like the Get Dressed Routine, it would help my mornings go much easier.
paryjeja at sbcglobal dot net

paryjeja said...

SMILE is what I would write on a magnet. - we all need to remember to smile every day.
paryjeja at sbcglobal dot net

paryjeja said...

I follow your blog on Google Friend Connect.
paryjeja at sbcglobal dot net

paryjeja said...

I follow on Twitter @paryjeja

paryjeja said...

I added you to a list on Twitter @paryjeja/sweepstakes

paryjeja said...

I follow Easy Daysies on Twitter.

paryjeja said...

I follow Easy Daysies on Facebook

paryjeja said...

I tweeted 11/13

paryjeja said...

I entered the PUR Giveaway.
paryjeja at sbcglobal dot net

paryjeja said...

11/14 tweet -

mogrill said...

The Chores and Rewards is my fave. Thanks for the chance.

Jodi said...

I love the Chores & Rewards and love that it comes with two blank fill in your own cards.


jennem said...

We could really use the Chores & REwards kit.
Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

Jackee Ann said...

I love the Classroom kit, the pictures and bright colors make it fun!
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Following your blog on Google Friend Connect
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Following on twitter as happeegirl
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Your button is on my blog
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Your button is on my blog
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Blogged about give away
happeejackee at gmail dot com

Jackee Ann said...

Easy Daysies Facebook Fan Jack S.
happeejackee at gmail dot com

ktgonyea said...

Love chores and rewards :)

ktgonyea at

Angela G said...

I love the Every Day Kit because it reminds both the kids and me what they need to get done. Great idea!

Angela G said...

I'd write "Clean the Playroom" on a blank magnet.

Angela G said...

I follow @sweepstakesgirl on twitter ag1414

Angela G said...

I follow @easydaysies on twitter ag1414

Angela G said...

I'm a fan of Easy Daysies on facebook. angela.gaffke

Angela G said...

I tweeted:

Angela G said...

I'm an e-mail subscriber.

Angela G said...

I posted on facebook.[]=1322192489&p[]=181160651935

nala07102002 said...

make my life so easy

texaslady22 said...

I *love* this magnet kit. I love that it has so many different options (brush teeth, playdate) and that it would be MUCH easier than our dry-erase board! Crossing my fingers!

Gianna said...

Chores & Rewards.. I love this because my daughter and son would find this very helpful and rewarding to keep track of helping out :)

Bakersdozen said...

I love both the everyday and chores & rewards kits because I know my kids would have fun with a magnet system. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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