Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Won A $50 Gift Card At BidRack!

Are you using BidRack yet? I just won a $50 Sears gift card for $4.91!! :) It's fun!

Join now and get free credits!


Hwatson said...

Hi Michelle,

Have you actually received your Sears card or received any kind of shipment confirmation? I won a few things on bidrack and the winnings page still says 'order currently processing' on all of my items. I'm starting to get concerned that this is not a legitimate website and I just wasted a bunch of money...

womenwhowin said...

Nope... not yet. I have ordered from NoMoreRack and have gotten those orders. I hope it works out!! Let me know, k?

Anonymous said...

I have received one item form bidrack, but it did take several weeks.

Candace said...

Keep us posted as to when you receive it!

Naseer Ahmad said...

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